Mothersauce Partners is named after the five classic mother sauces of French cooking. These classic, straightforward sauces are the basis for much of modern cooking as they provide the solid foundation from which innovative new recipes can grow.

With access to capital and the steady hand of industry expertise, Mothersauce Partners provides the solid base--the mother sauce--from which food and drink concepts can grow, flourish and create their own unique identity.



Whether you are looking to launch a new concept or want to invest in one, Mothersauce Partners is uniquely positioned to help you succeed.



We provide capital and industry expertise to aspiring food and drink entrepreneurs.



We source and negotiate unique investment opportunities in the food and drink space.

Our Expert


Nick Freshman

“I love this industry, and I love the people in it. There is such a tremendous amount of creativity and passion all around me, and I get a deep sense of satisfaction being able to help that talent grow and flourish.”


Nick Freshman

After graduating from Emory University, Nick followed his heart into the restaurant industry. Over his twenty-year career, Nick has worked in a multitude of capacities in the industry, leading restaurants from the concept stage to thriving businesses.

Nick founded Mothersauce Partners to solve an ongoing problem in the industry: talented people with great ideas fail to succeed because they lack funding or business expertise.

Nick’s demonstrated success, from an emerging franchise to a high-end, farm-to-table restaurant, provides the practical expertise that our clients and investors demand.

The Mothersauce Team

Mothersauce Partners’ team includes a panel of legal and business experts who partner with Nick on all decisions and transactions.

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